What is Judo?

Judo is a grappling martial that comes from jiu-jitsu formed back in the day of the Samurai Warriors, but does NOT involve punching or kicking. Judo places emphasis on throws, pins, and submission holds such as strangles (+13 yrs only) and arm locks (+17 years only). From a standing position involves techniques that allow you to lift and throw you or opponents onto their backs. On the ground, it includes techniques that allow you to pin opponents down to the ground, control them and apply various chokes, holds or joint locks until submission.

Is Judo Safe? 

Judo is among the safest of all contact sports. As a martial art and Olympic sport, Judo is governed by the International Judo Federation (IJF), which has set strict safety guidelines for competition. To ensure safety at North Jersey Judo, all classes are held on IJF & USA Judo approved mats and instructed by a USA Judo certified coach. Most importantly however, we are knowledgeable and always put safety first.

How will my child benefit from Judo?

Judo along with other martial arts can improve a child’s mind and body when parents match their kids with the right school and instructor. The benefits of participating Judo includes improvement in: school grades, self-discipline, self-esteem, behavior at home, overcoming shyness, self-control, fitness, coordination, flexibility, listening skills, manners, and skills in other sports. Judo is an activity all kids can do equally.

In addition to receiving instruction in judo, we address topics such as: dealing with bullies, manners/etiquette, setting and achieving goals, self-control, showing respect for parents and teachers, the value and importance of good sportsmanship on and off the Judo mat.

Why join North Jersey Judo over another martial arts school near by?

There are very few martial arts facilities where you can learn Olympic Sport Competitive Judo like it's done at the Olympic level. The reason for that is because the governing body of Judo here in the US and around the world make it very hard to obtain the level of black belt along with being certified to coach Judo to kids and adults. Most schools form small organizations to be able to promote them selves or a network of schools. If your a black belt here your a black belt anywhere in the world in Judo. Ask your self if the place your planning on attending has those kind of credentials. At North Jersey Judo every student will benefit by learning from a Coach Certified USA Judo Instructor.


Who can enroll at North Jersey Judo? 

We have classes for everyone at any skill level! Whether you are a beginner or serious competitor, male or female, young or old, North Jersey Judo offers programs for all ages and skill levels. Please give us a call today to find out which class is right for you.

The North Jersey Judo Mission  

Students at North Jersey Judo learn to be champions both on and off the mat. The coaches at North Jersey Judo help students build self-confidence and character. Through Judo, students learn respect and self-discipline. We provide the tools and training for each student to reach his or her individual goals, from becoming a competitor, to getting in shape, or to just have fun.




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