Attn: Daycare & Afterschool Program Directors and Administrators,

North Jersey Judo now offers Martial Arts Judo instruction at your facility at no extra cost to you. Judo is a fun and active sport you can offer your parents at no cost to you and reasonable cost to your parents.

Here are 5 reasons why Judo should be taught at your facility:

1. Be more competitive
Parents want to make the most of what they are paying for. Additional programs like Martial Arts training for their kids will indeed add value for the parents. This added value service will in turn make the daycare center or afterschool program more competitive with others in their immediate area.

2. Widen networks
Word of mouth is one of the most powerful tools in today’s marketing and advertising. The kids enrolled in the martial arts program together with their parents can be the vehicle you need to spread the great experience they are having at your daycare or afterschool program. Because of the popularity that comes with the Martial Arts, daycares and afterschool programs will then be advertised automatically which will increase the possibility to get more students into your facility not to mention the Martial Arts school.

3. Help achieve school’s goals to promote good values and personalities.
Every daycare intends to build good values and personalities amongst their students. It is a given that studying martial arts will help build discipline. Martial Arts Program will then be a great advocate to help achieve the goals of the daycare.

4. Possible sponsor for having a martial arts program in a daycare is like having a partner in business. As a partner, your martial arts program can be a very good candidate to be among the sponsors in other programs and events your having.

5. Low maintenance and easy to manage.
Martial Art Programs are managed not by daycare but the Martial Art instructor or institution. This only means that the daycare is getting all the value added features mentioned above without having to hire new employees, nor a need to widen their span of management. They just have to go on with their normal business and let their students enjoy the fun in Martial Arts Training.

The implementation of this program is very easy and almost hands off for you. I can come and do a free demonstration at a time that best fits your schedule. You can contact me using the information on this web site. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards,

Ramon Hernandez
Second Degree Judo Black Belt
Head Instructor
North Jersey Judo





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