"This page is dedicated to our facility and state of the art mats we use at North Jersey Judo Martial Arts Center"

Swain/Dollamur Mats:

Swain/Dollamur Mats are the World’s #1 Martial Arts, Judo & MMA Training Center Supplier. Let’s start with our training area which is the most important part of our dojo. We built this facility from the mat up and we didn’t compromise in the process. This 900 square foot area is outfitted with a 1 ½ inch of Swain Dollamur Flexi Roll Mat Proudly Made In The USA.

Swain/Dollamur mats is the finest mat in the world. Dollamur uses high-density crosslink foam which uses tiny air pockets to cushion falls and takedowns while remaining firm enough to pivot and turn while on your feet. That makes the mats at our dojo the ideal sports surface for Judo, BJJ, Wrestling and Strength & Fitness training. Over 5,000 high schools and colleges in the nation are using these mats. Swain/Dollamur is also the largest tournament mat supplier in North America. To read more about these mats please visit www.swainmats.com or www.dollamur.com. These mats are approved by USA Judo and US Wrestling.

"Nothing Beats Swain/Dollamur’s Revolutionary Flexi Roll System That Is Often Imitated But Never Duplicated"

Deluxe Crash Mats:

At North Jersey Judo we use Deluxe Crash Mats and we emphasize on the word CRASH a great deal. The Deluxe Crash Mats are perfect for practicing takedowns for Judo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or any submission wrestling. The sport and martial art of judo puts its main emphasis on throws. When practicing these throws on each other we can always count on these CRASH mats to keep us safe at all times along with teaching proper falling technique to all of our students. The mat is 4' x 8' x 8" which is 2" thinker than any other landing mat. It helps absorb a big impact giving anyone a safer landing. The design is specific to help keep our students safe while practicing proper technique in either a takedown or showing students how to fall correctly. These Deluxe Crash Mats are also a Swain/Dollamur product.

At North Jersey Judo Martial Arts Center you will practice Judo, Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestling or our Strength & Fitness classes and learn a great curriculum in a great environment.






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