North Jersey Judo Reviews

Great bunch of people and always a solid work out

Glenn Cooper

First I would like to thank Sensei Ramon and Sensei Greg for teaching our son not only Judo which is helping my son's wrestling tremendously. They also instill respect, doing good in school, and confidence to these youngsters on and off the mat. We are proud to be part of the Judo "family" and part of this top notch organization! Thanks!

Rich Wisz

After months of being too hesitant to walk in, I finally introduced myself to Sensei Ramon. He remembered my name from a phone call months earlier, asking about the gym. I wrestled in high school and played baseball in college. After college I went to work but felt like I was missing something. As my foundation for learning was developed through sports like wrestling, I wanted to try Judo and see if it helped me see things just a little clearer. I am now competing in the sport and look forward to learning more from Sensei Ramon, Aaron, Greg, Jr., Tim, the entire NJJ family, and the sport of Judo.

Nick Gaeta

Sensai Ramon Hernandez is an exceptional teacher and role model. My son tried several other sports and nothing really clicked with him until we stumbled upon NJJ. It was then his passion was ignighted and he fell in love with Judo. Then my daughter joined! Thank you, Sensai for all you have done for my children. We are so grateful for you and your family.

Nicole Johnstone

I've training in Judo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for over 20 years and it gets a little tough getting continuing education and training where I live, in South Jersey. I love making the trip up to North Jersey Judo to get what I am lacking in my training. The atmosphere is friendly and constructive. You'll start to go to get fit but then find yourself in love with the Judo lifestyle.

Damian John O'Hara

I've had the pleasure of training at North Jersey Judo for 4 years and having trained at a number of facilities, I can say that NJJ offers the best training under the best environment. There is tons of live sparring time (randori) with a wide variety of people and there are no egos here. You will up your game while making lasting friendships. I can't wait to come back to visit.

Brian Chen

Very happy we found Sensei Ramon and NJJ last year. Outside of being a great instructor, Sensei Ramon is an artist in the way he can create a fun learning environment for the kids and simultaneously teach discipline and respect for others. If you are looking to get your child involved in a sport that will help them grow multi-dimensionally, I highly recommend Judo at NJJ.

Brian Stack

Both my son and I have been training at North Jersey Judo for the last 4 years. Having trained at other facilities prior, I recognized that Sensei Ramon was exceptionally motivating, positive and professional. The classes are run well, and we are continuously learning new skills. I highly recommend NNJ to anyone looking to learn martial arts, improve their level of fitness and get to know a great group of people.

Aaron Seymour

Sensei Ramon is awesome. He is a great instructor he knows exactly how to deal with the kids a perfect amount of fun and perfect amount of discipline . My 5 year old son loves NJJ. I would highly recommend To anyone any age!!

Joey Laborda Jr.

Exceptional! My two boys enjoy every class! Sensei Ramon and Sensei Greg go above and beyond to make all the kids feel welcomed and excited about learning judo. Highly recommend!!!

Tara Aitken

I've been training under Sensei Hernandez for over 4 years now and the workouts at north jersey judo are top notch! The other students in the class are very helpful and friendly and we will make you feel like part of the family! Come stop by, it will be worth it!

Kurt James

North Jersey Judo is a great place. Sensei Ramon is excellent with my 3 boys in the Pee Wee class. Highly recommended to anyone looking into the martial arts!

Dan Telofski

Great with all ages and levels, very good with kids, as well as very technical with the advanced clases. I strongly recommend it.

Fernando R Sanchez

I have known Ramon quite a while. I have trained with him in other Dojos & have been his student. Ramon has great teaching skills with his adult & children students alike. I can tell you whether playing judo with Ramon or being instructed by him you will not be disappointed! So If you would like to learn a Judo from a professional and accomplished Judoka check out North Jersey Judo!!

Jim Kleinfelder

I've been doing judo for almost 20 years and training here and NJJ has been awesome. You can feel that Sensei Ramon along with everyone here really tries to make sure everybody learns and improves together. It feels like a small judo family.

Marco Bobadilla

Had the pleasure of doing a seminar with Sensei Ramon great instruction with very clean technical skills. If you are in the north jersey area Definitely stop in, you won't be disappointed. Best of luck to Ramon Ouss!

Judo Steve

Workout is top notch with unmatched knowledge and coaching from my Sensei and my friend Ramon. Please visit the dojo or give Ramon a call and ask about all the programs at North Jersey Judo.

Anthony Morello

North jersey judo is one of the best center in nj and Sensei Ramon Hernandez is one of the best instructors my son Noah likes to play in his center.

Emneh Al Souleh

Great place to train for kids and adults by a great instructor.

Vincent Barrett

Great school, awesome instructors. My 8 year old loves learning judo and thrives with discipline. Highly recommended!!

Jeff Klein

This place was amazing I had an awesome time learning from Sensei Ramon Hernandez. His academy is clean and his students were very welcoming and very professional.

Paulina Frasse

Sensei Hernandez is one of a kind. He is sincerely passionate about judo and creates a fun environment where his students prosper.

Charlie Cunningham III

Great sensei's if you're in the area give them a visit!

Stuart Ramos

Been here a month and love it! Look forward to learning more. Everyone is so awesome. I feel comfortable here. Very clean too. Sensei ramon is great!

Megan Lee

Amazing place to train. VERY clean and professional!!

Johnny Guerrero

Ramon is a true Judoka!!! 100% Class Act!!!

Ralph Fajardo

Exceptional training and standards.

Gary Hunter

Very friendly and welcoming environment.

Ell Ell

Ramon is a top notch instructor, great place to learn judo!!

Aaron Seymour

If you’re look for top notch Instructor’s come to North Jersey Judo. Ramon Hernandez Is a excellent Instructor with children, Adults. His amazing with children too. There a new Jiu Jitsu program added to North Jersey Judo, his name Is Orlando, his a excellent Instructor too, try Jiu Jitsu. Highly Recommend this business.

Khaled Bejdough

I was looking for a gym to start judo to compliment my jiujitsu and learn new art and I was lucky my friend recommended me NJJ Sensei Ramon and everyone at NJJ are very friendly and very supportive You will learn Judo in very safe and fun environment,sensei Ramon is very attentive to details and explains every move I highly recommend NJJ you will train learn and meet great people!

Zoric Turanskiy

I'm 53 years old and still playing Judo thanks to Sensei Ramon. I may have lost a step or two over the years but the workout and comraderie at this dojo cannot be duplicated on an elliptical machine. Sensei is a family man who teaches this sport like no other. He simplifies moves and finds innovative ways to take his students to the next level. If you are looking to compete on a national level or simply looking for a good workout, you found the right club. As for kids, this is a great dojo. Children can learn a fun sport, self-defense and respect for one another. I highly recommend this club. Sweep the Leg!

James Brown

I’ve practiced judo growing up and was hesitant to pick it back up because I wasn’t sure if I could keep up with the intensity of the training, but sensei Ramon and sensei Greg made this experience very easy without sacrificing that rigor attributable to Judo. My five year old daughter also takes classes and is always excited to get back on tatami at this dojo. I couldn’t be happier with my experience! Thank you, Sensei.

Eugene Lavrov

North Jersey Judo is a great place to train at especially if you want to learn takedowns to complement your ground game. Every class has both standing rounds and grappling rounds. Sensei Ramon Hernandez will make sure that everyone training is safe and taken care of. It is the perfect environment to train takedowns without worry of getting injured. I highly recommend NJJ to everyone I train with.

Pablo Pablo

My son started doing Judo with Sensei Ramon before his 4th birthday (next month he will be 8) and he still looks forward to going every wk! Judo is not only a great sport but has taught confidence, discipline and self respect. Ramon makes judo challenging and fun for kids! We recently enrolled our daughter and 3 1/2 year old son! I highly recommend NJJ

Joy Laborda

We have been taking our children to North Jersey Judo for over 8 years. The values of, “finish what you start,” and “you don’t need to be the best but you must try your best,” are fantastic life lessons taught while learning self defense. Sensei Ramon is an amazing teacher who knows when and how to encourage his students while instilling discipline. We have been though the pee-wee class and are now in the junior class. Both have been well designed to be age appropriate and keep kids learning, engaged, and having fun. My children have learned not only judo, but self confidence and personal strength. We highly recommend North Jersey Judo as an excellent dojo!

Klesitz Family

NNJ is family owned, Sensei Ramon is an amazing trainer, and very knowledgeable. It’s a positive environment where you feel welcomed and treated like family. It’s a great place to get in shape and make great friends!!

Linda Barsik

Great place. Ramon is an excellent teacher and even better guy. Highly recommended

Cesar Rodrigues

My son has been going to North Jersey Judo for over a year now and I can't say enough good things. Sensei Ramon is very patient, yet firm, and really encourages the kids to be their absolute best! I commend Sensei for all of his efforts and expertise and for teaching kids of every ability.

Leslie D'Alessio

Sensei Ramon is a gifted and dedicated Martial Artist. Aside from developing young people and children of all ages, he is a pillar of the community. He dojo (training hall) is first rate, clean, safe. North Jersey is a go to venue! Check it out!

Chris Hal

Sensei Ramon Hernandez is an amazing teacher. Our son joined a couple of years ago to improve his wrestling. Now he loves JUDO. Sensei Ramon keep the classes interesting with good portions dedicated to skill work but also spend time having fun with the kids. The new Facility is amazing!!! I definitely recommended North Jersey Judo.

Orlando Mundaca

Truly a great Martial Arts instructor. If you or someone you know wants to learn the Olympic sport of judo, This is the place. My son loves going.


North Jersey Judo is a great place for beginners as well as experienced judo wrestlers! Sensei Ramon and the other guys are fantastic! They are patient with the kids and show them the skills they need to succeed. They work on their skill and form that the kids will have for a lifetime!

Gina Conte

North Jersey Judo is a great martial arts school for both children and adults. Sensei Ramon is an exceptionally talented martial artist and a wonderful teacher! As a police officer for 12 years, I wanted to learn effective defense techniques and it has been an honor to train and learn these techniques at North Jersey Judo!

Sylvia Cifelli

We started Judo initially to help my son with his Wrestling at age 7. Eventually his skills have improved to become a District Champ. Now he loves Judo and competes on a National Level. Ramon and Staff are very attentive and knowledgeable.

Jun Vallestero

Great school with a great team that Sensei Ramon has put together. My son and daughter have been attending for years. It’s great for their discipline, confidence and overall fitness not to mention they’re learning a great skill. Thank you to Ramon and his skilled team.

Nazif Mehmedi

I have known Ramon Hernandez for over 30 years. Ramon is attentive, direct, professional, and passionate about Judo. He never stops working to ensure that all under his instruction succeed beyond their potential. Ramon is a man of ethics and commitment. The martial arts programs that North Jersey Judo offers will encourage your child, or young adult, to believe in themselves and work hard to build new skills they never knew they had within them.

Edward Cammarato

I’ve known Ramon for over 25 years we were students together. Ramon is not only an excellent Martial Artist he is a great person. He has an excellent way with adults and children and provides a challenging and safe place to learn the sport he is so dedicated to. If you are looking to for a great school North Jersey Judo is your place.

Brian Cox

Ramon Hernandez is a wonderful, patient and very skilled teacher. Our daughter has been attending the classes for many years and loves it. It feels like family. I would recommend to anyone, who not only wants to learn the trade of martial arts, but also wants to gain confidence, and be a part of a great community.

Katrina Gieniec

Growing up as a kid I played all team sports which allowed you to excel even if you were good at only 1 specific task ex.(pitching, tackling etc.). Judo is a sport that makes you become good at all aspects of the game because you are your own offense & defense. With that being said while it is an individual sport the environment at North Jersey Jersey is very much like a team because everyone helps each other & pushes each other to become better. It's fun, challenging & has also helped me to keep those additional unwanted pounds off, thank you Ramon !

Steve Toth

Our Girl Scout troop had the opportunity to visit with Ramon for an introductory class; he had an instant rapport with the girls and was able to walk them through some basic Judo techniques in a safe, non-threatening and interesting way. Our troop had a truly fun experience, and it was great to see them openly trying something so completely new to them.

Christina Collucci

Kids Martial Arts Wayne

My daughter, Stephanie Contaldi, has been a student of Ramon Hernandez at North Jersey Judo for about 2 and a half years. She is currently working on her fourth promotion. Judo class is not only about learning self defense. Judo is about learning important life lessons.

Ramon makes them listen, be respectful and kind to one another. He tells them at every class to be nice to their parents and appreciate all that they do for them. He reminds them that school is extremely important! He will not allow them to be promoted without recognition from their teachers. He teaches them to look each other in the eye and be respectful to their elders.

I enjoy watching Ramon interact with the kids. Sometimes he can be as silly as they are and that makes for a great teacher! I would recommend this program to anyone that would listen!

AnnMarie Contaldi

Judo is an exciting sport and effective martial art. I think of it more as a human puzzle. Sensei Hernandez teaches and guides you to find what, where, and how your pieces are placed for the “proper fit´┐Ż. I have improved my game while under his instruction and look forward to fine tuning it with him.

I refer to Judo as game because; there is a sense of well being and fun expected in Sensei Hernandez’s dojo for others and yourself. Judo is more than just a great whole body workout, it encompasses quick strategy and decision making on your feet (literally).

Everyone practices as a team for improvement and competes in tournaments to win or place. I am in the best physical shape I have ever been in. I feel that I have been able to carry away more than just knowledge, skill, and game. I am happy to say I have met some friends for life. Thank you Ramon.

Jeffrey Devor

Kids Martial Arts Wayne

Every once in a while you come across the genuine article, someone who loves what they’re doing some much that their attitude is infectious. I was looking for an activity for my 4 ½ year old son. He had been to soccer clinics and organized gym classes, but they were not doing the trick. He went but he wasn’t really enthusiastic, about it. I had noticed the dojo sign when picking my daughter from dance class, I wandered in one day and spoke to Ramon, and then I went back with my son to watch a class. He was hooked. We signed up on the spot. Four weeks later I joined, the adult class, that was ten months ago. We both attend classes three times a week and we look forward to each class. We even feel guilty when we miss. Based on my time spent at North Jersey judo, I’m certain of one thing: Ramon Hernandez has made a huge difference in both of our lives.

Mike Nardino

Kids Martial Arts Wayne

Judo is fun, physically challenging, and mentally stimulating to say the least. Ramon is a highly energetic and consummate professional who runs a phenomenal program from the peewees to the adult program. My 4 year old daughter, 7 year old nephew, and 9 and 11 year old nieces, my wife, and I participate in all the programs and we all enjoy them immensely. Since joining North Jersey Judo over a year ago, I have lost almost 20 pounds and I am on track to be in better shape at 40 than I was at 30. From a cost perspective, Ramon offers the best rates around for Judo classes in the area and when compared to other sports oriented programs, there is no comparison.

I highly recommend North Jersey Judo to anyone of any age level and would encourage parents to not only bring their children for a free class, but to take the free class themselves.

Ken Carmichael

Kids Martial Arts Wayne

Dear North Jersey Judo,

Your teaching and dedication to my children and their classes has been outstanding over the past year. You care about not only what they learn but when they can't be in class. I appreciate that. North Jersey Judo has been one of the very best experiences my children have enjoyed and we are eager to sign up again for their new sessions.

Lucienne D. Yohannan

Kids Martial Arts Wayne

Sensei Hernandez,

Thank you for providing a positive learning environment for my family and I over the past year. Our enrollment in North Jersey Judo coupled with your commitment to your students and the sport of Judo has benefited all aspects of our lives to include physically, mentally, and spiritually. We are true believers in the Judo philosophy and your method of instruction.

Go team North Jersey Judo.

The Cunningham Family

Kids Martial Arts Wayne

Ramon Hernandez has the patience of a saint! Along with all the skills my children are being taught, there is a strong respect between the students and Sensei. They are also having a blast. I highly recommend it.

Diane Richard

Kids Martial Arts Wayne

We are so lucky to have found North Jersey Judo for our two sons who are very much into their wrestling and wanted to learn judo to work it in with their wrestling skills. They have been taking judo for 8 months now and love it, they both learned so much, and it wouldn't have been possible without the man in charge - Ramon Hernandez. I highly recommend for any of you thinking about judo to go try his club out he is a wonderful instructor and is great with children of all ages as well as adults. My boys enjoy going there every chance they can and learning the new moves he has to teach. We are so lucky to have Ramon and his club!!!!

The Kui Family

Kids Martial Arts Wayne

I have three very active boys ages 10, 8 & 5 and have always wanted to have them participate in a sport together. Judo has become that sport. My youngest was 4 years old at the time and I thought for sure that he would be too young and wouldn't listen. However, I was very surprised to see how the whole group worked together motivating and keeping each other focused. My two older boys wrestle and Ramon has been working very hard to show them and the other wrestlers how the Judo moves can compliment them on the wrestling mat. I am very impressed on how Ramon balances hard work and play at the classes to make it fun for all the kids.

Dawn Simone

Thank you for running such a wonderful program for the little guys under 6 years old. Carson is 4 and has a lot of energy to burn. Your program lets him do that, while he learns a great art. Even though he has only been with you for 4 weeks, he is always excited to put on his Gi and learn from you. Your patience with him is a gift.

Abby and Steven Wells

Kids Martial Arts Wayne

I enrolled my 5 year old son one year ago in their Pee-Wee program and it was everything I could have asked for and more. Sensei Ramon is kind, patient, and is an amazing coach to the children. He teaches them skills that are life-long; discipline, respect, self-confidence, physical fitness, and reaching goals that may have been beyond their original potential. No matter the age, Ramon is in tune with the needs of each participant in his classes and makes them feel proud for everything they accomplish, no matter how big or small! I am very happy that my family has become a part of the North Jersey Judo community and would recommend it a million times over!

Sara Faliveno

Kids Martial Arts Wayne

I've been to a number of different judo clubs and can say that no one possesses the combination of teaching, coaching, and caring to the degree that Sensei Ramon Hernandez does. A great teacher has to first be a great learner, and Sensei Ramon always looks to improve his own training and teaching.

Brian Chen

Kids Martial Arts Wayne

Great Sensei. Ramon Hernandez is a very knowledgeable and passionate coach. He's always looking for new techniques and ways to improve our judo. No place better for all ages and skill levels.

Matt Leonard

Great sport and a great school. I have gained so much since I started at North Jersey Judo a year ago. Weight loss and a new found of self respect Imp motivated more then ever to continue learning more and becoming better not just on the mat but off it as well.

Greg Hernandez

The Sensei has incredible patience with our 2 young kids. They are being taught discipline and a great martial art. My kids love it as well as my wife and I. We highly recommend this Judo school!

Fernando Franco

Hands down the BEST gym in new jersey to get the full experience of authentic Judo. I visited multiple gyms before I settled in NJJ, and nothing compares to this place. Ramon is not only extremely friendly and but he is true to Judo technique and fundamentals. If you want the REAL experience of learning the sport, this is the place for you.

Alex Groyz

Family owned studio that combines discipline and training for all ages. Our boys look forward to attending Judo. We have seen them become stronger and more confident in themselves. Highly recommend.

Amanda Neufeld

My son and daughter have been taking classes for years and have benefited from them tremendously. Sensei Ramon runs classes for all ages and skill levels and handles all of them expertly. The kids are pushed to discover new abilities and skills. Sensei Ramon truly cares about his students, keeping tabs on their schoolwork as well as their judo. He teaches them lessons that apply not just on the mat, but outside the dojo as well.

Lysandra Kuroly

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