Self Defense Judo And Jiu Jitsu Training At North Jersey Judo

Self Defense Judo And Jiu Jitsu Training At North Jersey Judo

Stand Tall With Judo or Jiu Jitsu-Based Self-Defense Classes in Pompton Lakes

Just Like We Teach At Our Law Enforcement Tactics Training

If the worst happens, are you prepared? 

No one likes to think about the possibility of themselves or a family member being injured or having to fight to protect themselves, but the best solution is to simply be prepared. Our self-defense classes take the fundamentals of judo or jiu jitsu and use them to teach reality-based self-defense classes that will offer you peace of mind, confidence, and a great workout... all at the same time! Join us at North Jersey Judo and take on Pompton Lakes' most effective self-defense system, accessible to people of any age or ability!


Learn Self-Defense From Certified Professionals in Pompton Lakes

Our instructors are black belts who have harbored lifelong passions for the martial arts. They are prepared to teach you effectivepractical self-defense skills that will give you confidence in any situation. Although our team at North Jersey Judo hopes you'll never need to use these techniques in a real fight, isn't it better to be prepared? We're offering our Pompton Lakes community a chance to learn reality-based self-defense quickly through the basics of Judo and/or Jiu Jitsu.

Join us for our next self-defense class and learn:

  • Grappling skills, joint locks, choke holds, and throws
  • The ability to subdue an opponent who is larger & stronger
  • How to reverse momentum if you are attacked
  • Techniques for identifying threatening situations

Stay Safe in Pompton Lakes and Beyond Through Judo and Jiu Jitsu!

Our self-defense classes will help you live life with confidence knowing that you can defend yourself and the people who matter. Whether you want to protect your home here in Pompton Lakes or travel abroad, your judo and jiu jitsu skills will always be with you! Join us at North Jersey Judo and learn self-defense from certified professionals.  If interested please fill out your name, e-mail address and cell number using the box in the right hand corner.  Also read about our instructors using the instructors page.

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