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Here's Our Story

North Jersey Judo was founded in 2006 by Head Instructor Ramon Hernandez with the mission of exposing as many new people as possible to the sport of Judo, using it as a method to promote an active and healthy lifestyle. As a seasoned competition veteran and Top Five practitioner in the Masters Judo Division, Ramon Hernandez is uniquely positioned to help his students enjoy all the benefits of Judo: improved mental and physical health, weight loss, reduced stress, and more!

After 12 years of experience in the Martial Arts, Ramon Hernandez settled down in Pompton Lakes and created North Jersey Judo to help raise up his community and his own children with the philosophy behind Judo.

Are you ready to engage with an exciting, dynamic sport that will challenge you physically and reward you mentally? There's no better place to learn. North Jersey Judo is a chartered dojo in the Hudson Judo Yudanshakai and the United Stats Judo Federation, and you have the opportunity to train under one of the leaders in this ancient martial art!

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Great bunch of people and always a solid work out

Glenn Cooper

First I would like to thank Sensei Ramon and Sensei Greg for teaching our son not only Judo which is helping my son's wrestling tremendously. They also instill respect, doing good in school, and confidence to these youngsters on and off the mat. We are proud to be part of the Judo "family" and part of this top notch organization! Thanks!

Rich Wisz

After months of being too hesitant to walk in, I finally introduced myself to Sensei Ramon. He remembered my name from a phone call months earlier, asking about the gym. I wrestled in high school and played baseball in college. After college I went to work but felt like I was missing something. As my foundation for learning was developed through sports like wrestling, I wanted to try Judo and see if it helped me see things just a little clearer. I am now competing in the sport and look forward to learning more from Sensei Ramon, Aaron, Greg, Jr., Tim, the entire NJJ family, and the sport of Judo.

Nick Gaeta

Sensai Ramon Hernandez is an exceptional teacher and role model. My son tried several other sports and nothing really clicked with him until we stumbled upon NJJ. It was then his passion was ignighted and he fell in love with Judo. Then my daughter joined! Thank you, Sensai for all you have done for my children. We are so grateful for you and your family.

Nicole Johnstone

I've training in Judo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for over 20 years and it gets a little tough getting continuing education and training where I live, in South Jersey. I love making the trip up to North Jersey Judo to get what I am lacking in my training. The atmosphere is friendly and constructive. You'll start to go to get fit but then find yourself in love with the Judo lifestyle.

Damian John O'Hara

I've had the pleasure of training at North Jersey Judo for 4 years and having trained at a number of facilities, I can say that NJJ offers the best training under the best environment. There is tons of live sparring time (randori) with a wide variety of people and there are no egos here. You will up your game while making lasting friendships. I can't wait to come back to visit.

Brian Chen

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