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Judo For Wrestling Case Study

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Judo For Wrestling

Judo For Wrestling Case Study.  Ramon Hernandez Junior goes undefeated in regular season of his 2018/2019 Senior year winning 39 matches with 5 loses, wins Lakeland and Booton tournaments, wins Passaic County Tournament get his first loss in the finals of Districts, takes 4th in Regions and qualifies for NJ High School States in Atlantic City.  Junior also holds the single season pinning record by 12 pins.  Did Junior have a chance getting to the quarters of NJ States?  Answer is no and not important for us since we are Judo centric group but how often do you see a non-wrestler make it this far to states with this record?   No clue but can’t be much considering that New Jersey is a strong wrestling state.  I did come away with an appreciation for the high level of wrestling at the NJ States event.  There was one guy in particular a Zach Mafaro that ended up placing.  You could put that kid in a Judo gi and he would scare people tomorrow in Judo with his excellent posture and ability to turn his back on wrestlers without getting scored on.  Junior was ranked top 6 in the state at one point as he beat 5 NJ Wrestling State Qualifiers from the year before beating two in the same event out of the gate in the beginning of the year in the Lakeland tournament ranking him 8th in the state at that time.  Honestly there are high school kids that would kill for that senior season record and experience with parents dropping an ivy league tuition at wrestling clubs to do it.

What’s my point?  There’s a solid argument for Judo training for a Wrestler.  My argument is that Judo gets ignored and, in some circles, frowned upon Judo for Wrestling.  We did feel it from some during Junior’s two years of high school wrestling.  They didn’t like seeing Junior a non-wrestling achieving that success as a Judoka on the wrestling mat.  Judo is the best way to cross train for Wrestling PERIOD!  Yes, without a doubt it’s frustrating to see it be overlooked after many that have done it before Junior like Eric and Anthony Fajardo in Booton to name two.  Take the kid out of a singlet and have him train and compete in Judo during the off season of wrestling will be a positive impact on a kid’s wrestling career.  It will also teach the kid another skill set he could get involve with during his college years and after if they don’t wrestle in college.

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