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Sensei Ramon Hernandez Interviewed By 1964 US Judo Olympic Bronze Medalist & 3X USJA President Jim Bregman

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It was my honor to be interview by 1964 US Judo Olympic Bronze Medalist, 10th Dan Judo Black Belt and 3X United States Judo Association President Jim Bregman.  Our topic running a Profit Dojo compared to a Judo program run out of the YMCA, Police Athletic League, Boys and Girls Club or Rec Center.  We had Senseis log into the interview from California, Maryland, Virginia, and other parts o the nation.  I talked about my examples when I came up in Judo was Yoshidada Yonezuka Sensei (Yone) at the Cranford Judo Karate Center where I received my Shodan & Sandan (1st & 3rd Dan) and Anthony Camal Sensei at the Camal Judo where I was promoted to Nidan and Yodan (2nd and 4th Dan).

Both Senseis ran what I call a profit Dojo meaning they paid rent or own their own facility vs. let say running a program out of a YMCA or Rec Center like I mentioned above.  Another parallel both Senseis had was they ran Judo tournament events as well.  Yone ran the East Coast Judo Championships and two small events from his club.  The East Coast Judo Championships was at one point known nationally before Yone passed away October of 2014.  Tony runs the Northeast Judo Championships and the Summer Slam Judo Championships.  Both of Tony’s events are well attended and know as a decent size regional event.  In October 2006 I started North Jersey Judo and in 2010 I founded the Garden State Judo Classic.  I also try to run small tournament events out of my club which is a controlled situation for kids that haven’t competed yet and I can assure parents they will be out of here in 2 hours and make sure all the kids gets a put into a positive situation and gain tournament experience.

The topic I circled back to with frequency was the need for our sport of Judo to have a Magazine.  A Magazine helps to keep members up to date on what is going on in our sport and can become a good way to keep engagement within Judo.  What a young adult won’t do to be featured as a Junior or Senior National Championship in a Magazine and I know it’s a great way to show off what our national team is doing abroad, showcase big Judo Championships like the US Judo Open in Florida or the US Judo Winter Nationals in California and lastly show off our Dojos that are putting out some good Junior and Senior Judo Talent.

The interview can be seen here:

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